We're used to Apple unveiling the latest iPhones in late September each yeah, but, that won't be happening this year, according to USA Today.

I know you can't wait to upgrade (I'm with you), but, the new phone, which the article says is likely to be called the iPhone 12, won't be released until a few weeks later than normal, probably in mid October. Originally, analysts thought the delay would be a few months, so this is much better news.

The reason for the delay? Apple's supply chain is backed up because of the coronavirus pandemic. Not surprising. Now listen, this doesn't mean Apple isn't doing well. You don't have to worry about them going bankrupt. During a time when many other companies and businesses are struggling, Apple has actually seen an increase in sales.

With so many people across the country (and around the world) making the switch to working at home, instead of working in the office, sales of upgraded iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and computers have gone up. Everyone needs the capability to connect with their boss and coworkers, and they're trying to be more efficient with newer technology.

Apple is also benefiting by so many more people staying home on a more regular basis (movie theaters and other recreational facilities are still closed in our area), and watching more iTunes movies.

Four versions of the new iPhone 12 are expected. Don't worry, October will be here before you know it. Hey, maybe there will be a pumpkin spice version of the iPhone. Lol.

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