New Jersey residents may not agree on much, but they certainly agreed to dislike a number of things as a collective state.  If truly a Jersey resident, then you are able to admit that there are some things to genuinely loath about the Garden State.

Easily one of the biggest pet peeves the state has is with all the North Jersey and New Yorkers who vacation down the Jersey Shore, also known as Bennies.  They mob up the beach scene with obnoxiously loud music, screaming kids and break the rules of beach etiquette.

Ah, the traffic circle.  Something commonly hated by New Jerseyans mainly due to all the people who can’t figure out how to use it.

Speaking of poor navigation skills, how about toll plazas.  The number of close calls that are dealt with because someone isn’t paying attention to E-Z Pass only lanes is too much.

Well known by any homeowner in the state, the property taxes overall are on the way high side.  In 2017 the average property tax was $8,767 – which makes you think, “Why am I still here?”

Snooki.  That’s all that needs to be said.

According to, slow drivers and impatient people also make the list.  Yes, they may contradict each other but this is Jersey.

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