Thinking about the shortage of toilet paper when the pandemic first started brings back very bad memories. Having to go to multiple stores for toilet paper because all of the shelves were empty was a nightmare.

Would you care this time around if the world or just the United States of America had another shortage of toilet paper? My answer is, YES I WOULD CARE. There should not be another shortage of toilet paper.

According to the Daily Mail, all of the panic buying that happened last year when everyone was getting more toilet paper than needed is catching up to us again. There are many reasons why we can have another huge shortage again. recently reported that shipping containers that transport the hardwood pulp that creates toilet paper can possibly start running a little short and ultimately not have enough containers to do shipments.

What is not helping the case is that companies are paying more to ship containers, according to Daily Mail. The only thing I can think of is, "How will this affect our pockets even more?" Will the cost of toilet paper go up and hurt our finances?

It was stated on Daily Mail that having another toilet paper shortage is a high possibility if "wood pulp trade faces significant disruptions."

A year later and we are still talking about toilet paper shortages. This is overwhelming. For those that purchased an excessive amount of toilet paper last year, this is all your fault. Let's just hope we don't really have another shortage.

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