I really can't wait for the COVID-19 talks to be over with, which most people can probably agree on. Another thing that most people would agree with is that they can't wait for the elections to be over. Oh, Man! We're sure that many people would rather go back to scrolling through their IG feed feeling a little jealous of seeing others always on vacation rather than election news and promotions. 2020 has been such a negative year in many ways but I want to believe that many people are doing their best to keep the good vibes rolling during this tough year.

According to 3 CBS Philly, anxiety is through the roof, even more than during the 2016 elections. It was mentioned that this anxiety is called Election Stress Disorder and therapists are seeing that anxiousness rise throughout the entire country.

Therapist, Dr. Steve Stonsy, told 3 CBS Philly that the 2020 elections are bringing a lot of issues amongst patients. Some have mentioned that they are having a lot more issues both at home and in their workplace. We learned that a lot of the anxiety that people are having this year is turning into "resentment and anger on the people closest to us."

One thing is for sure, social media does not help during these tough times because COVID-19 and 2020 elections are all that you see on your social media feeds. It's people arguing over who they are voting for or scolding at others for not wearing a mask. Have you caught yourself just yelling at your phone because you are tired of seeing the same stuff over and over? 3 CBS Pilly mentioned that Dr. Stonsy recommends that everyone should probably try staying away from social media to avoid any arguments or perhaps more anxiety over what the country is currently going through.

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