During this quarantine all we want to do is not be bored at home so we are trying to do whatever we possibly can to keep ourselves entertained. Even watching TV and playing video games is starting to get crazy boring.

According to Bucks.HappeningMag.com, there are still a few places that you can go while practicing social distancing. It's probably not as fun because its probably a park or stuff like that but still, you get some fresh air and get out of the house really quick.

It was mentioned on Bucks Happening Mag’s website that boat launches and fishing are still things that you can do because they are remaining open. Even if you don't fish, it can be something you try if you are tired of being home. Some trails are still open at some parks according to Bucks.HappeningMag.com. Here is a list for you.

Delaware Canal State Park

High Rocks State Park

Neshaminy State Park

As well as others in the Bucks County area.

This could be good if you have kids that you are trying to keep entertained. We've seen families trying to recreate a theme park at home, making TikTok videos hoping they go viral, playing different board games. You name it, families probably have already tried. Below you will find a few of our favorite things shared by Bucks.HappeningMag.com that you and your family can do at home to not be bored.

Some nature walks would be good for kids and perhaps some fun backyard activities.

We know it is tough to get creative when you are stuck at home for so many days. Stay safe and healthy.

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