About a month or so into the pandemic, front porch photos started becoming very popular. If you didn't see this trend, a photographer would come to your house, wear a mask and stay at a safe distance and take a few pictures for you. These pictures are usually don't cost much at all, since it's not a full photo shoot. This is how I came across Jenna K Photos. She had posted in a Facebook Group I belonged to and I reached out and she took the most beautiful pictures of my family and we actually have this one hanging in our family room.

Personal Collection
Personal Collection

Jenna really did an amazing job with the front porch photos and she actually started doing them to gain more experience and get her name out there and she is now a very popular photographer in Mercer County. Since Jenna did such a fantastic job and I know that lots of people are planning on taking  spring photos, I reached out to her for some tips on what to wear to these photo shoots. I know that I probably will even keep these in mind when I take family pictures throughout the summer.

"In conclusion, choosing outfits for your upcoming session with your photographer may be a bit tricky, but it is always important to try some new styles and plan outfits ahead of time to see what outfits will coordinate one another and look best for photos. At the end of the day, it is important to wear what you want and feel comfortable in, and these points are just to give some guidance and advice from a photographer's perspective of "what not to wear". - Jenna Kardasz 
*The pictures below are some of Jenna's favorites. The people in the pictures may not reflect the descriptions of what not to do in a photo shoot.*


Things You Shouldn’t Wear to a Spring Photo Shoot

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