Summer is just about here and it’s time for all of us to make our trips down the shore! Whether you normally go to Point Pleasant, Seaside Heights, or Wildwood, there’s for sure a local bar or club that’s a go-to in the town.

I just turned 22 and my friends and I are determined to make it down the shore as much as possible to make those summer memories that we’ll remember.

This post is basically my own summer bucket list to make sure that we can all hit the top spots along the Jersey Shore to get a good drink and maybe even dance around a little.

A few of the staples have for sure made the list like Bar Anticipation and D’Jais, but there are also some more lowkey bars like PigDog Beach Bar in WIldwood and Leggetts in Manasquan if you’re not entirely in the mood for a club vibe.

When getting this summer shore bar bucket list together I made sure to try to hit bars that are all over the shore and not in one place.

Hopefully, no matter where you live in New Jersey or whatever beach is your normal go-to for a night out, one of these bars will be close enough for you to get to this summer.


Some of the places I went to during the summer last year were Bar A, The Osprey, and Leggetts which are all great places for a good night out.

Bar A has such a good vibe to it just because of the size of the place alone. A lot of these shore bars are giant and it’s easy to spend hours there because it takes hours to make your rounds through the entirety of the place.

If you’re looking for a summer bucket list for staple shore bars to hit with your friends this summer, I did all the work for you! All you have to do is order the uber and have a good time.

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