I can't remember the first time I went to Walmart, but I definitely know it was later in life. When I was younger, I feel like my family always went to Kmart. It was close to where we lived at the time, and honestly, I had no idea what a Walmart was. Yet, now that's all changed. I feel like a majority of people I know frequent Walmart, and they keep popping up in the area.

In fact, a new location was just built not too long ago in Hamilton, New Jersey.

I usually go to Walmart to get all of my toiletries. I don't know how that happened, but it's my thing. So when I came across the list that revealed: "the most bizarre top seller in every state" bought from Walmart, I needed to know what people from NJ bought.

The article is from Insider and it said new Jerseyians bought a lot of dumbbells. The info comes from Walmart.com data, so it's directly from the company:

Credit: Walmart.com
Credit: Walmart.com

The map is very interesting to look at, plus, you can view the interactive map here.

I've never bought dumbbells from there before, but I can see why they're popular. If you live in NJ, you're close to the Jersey shore and I imagine people want to look good for the summer. So they buy dumbbells to work on their fitness so they look good while working on their tan.

Other states' most bizarre top-selling items are:

- Pennsylvania - Legos

- New York - Connected home

- Delaware - Vitamins, Medicine

- Connecticut - Movies

- Massachusetts - Tennis balls

- California - Zyrtec

- Nevada - Canned pumpkin

Read more on this here.

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