David Burke, a Monmouth county native is the proud owner of The Drifthouse, a modern restaurant located inside the Driftwood Cabana Club in Sea Bright, New Jersey. From NJ Star Ledger paper boy to celebrity chef, Burke has some unique ideas in mind to make for a pleasurable dining experience in his hometown of Ocean County.

The restaurant's executive chef is no other than David Burke's younger brother, Robert. The two decided to re-invent their former restaurant, Ama, an Italian restaurant that previously occupied the space. After deciding that truffles and caviar wasn't quite the right vibe for the beachfront restaurant, modern american food became their calling. And so, The Drifthouse was born.

Bacon that hangs from a clothesline is surely a unique and modern way of consumption, and the staff will ensure you know how to do so properly. You actually cut off the pieces of bacon you want with scissors. Super fun way to eat the bacon, which is coated in a nice maple glaze.

Another visually appealing dish is the Octopus chorizo kabobs coated in chili oil:

And what would a David Burke restaurant be without a signature steak dish on the menu. I bring you, the porterhouse:

And don't forget to eat some "Cake by the ocean" for dessert, or in this case.. a cake pop tree by the ocean:

Surely the joint will attract a lot of customers in the summer, but can it survive through the winter? Burke is hopeful it will, "I love the beach in the winter. It's such a reminder of Mother Nature. Of quietness. And you'll eat well. So come say hi," Burke tells NJ.com 


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