Whenever we're feeling sick, we tend to go to the doctor.

So who do animals rely on?

Well, they can visit a doctor too.

A 140-pound turtle was feeling a little under the weather last month. According to NJ.com, a CT scan was performed last month on a rescued loggerhead sea turtle at the Mount Laurel Animal Hospital.

The turtle was found in distress near the water in Ocean City.

The doctors are hoping that the CT scan will help them identify why she couldn't submerge into the water.

She's too cute to be sick.

Dr. Christopher Torre, a veterinarian, and owner of the hospital told NJ.com, "We are honored to play a role in this animal’s health care, potentially having the ability to extend the life of this species."

NJ.com stated that the turtle is 20 years old and was hospitalized at Sea Turtle Recovery to stabilize her and determine the cause of her illness. This organization "provides staffing, food, medicine, surgeries, and other treatments to sick and injured sea turtles until they can be released back into the ocean.

Here are a few fun facts for you: Loggerhead sea turtles are considered endangered animals. They can weigh over 350 pounds. They have an average life span of up to 80 years as stated by NJ.com.

Wow, that's incredible.

I hope she gets better soon!

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