Oh TikTok, I love you. You've taught me so much. From how to make things in the kitchen, to how to clean things I never knew needed to be cleaned, the app is basically a ton of life hack videos. Of course there's a ton of other stuff on TikTok, but some people make a video that's a life hack and the internet loses their mind.

The latest mind blowing hack we never knew we needed? Making a wrap. You know when you lay it all out nice on the tortilla, it looks good, you're super excited, and then you go to fold it up. And chaos ensues. There's shredded lettuce flying everywhere, mayo is sneaking out the sides, or the real tragedy happens, you rip the tortilla.

With this TikTok hack, that wrap making chaos is a thing of the past. Because let's be honest, who has time for all of that nonsense? In 2021, no one does.

So this is the original video I saw, and I'm pretty sure it's what kicked off the #wraphack on TikTok. Check out just how genius this is -

Like WHAT? I'm so mad I've never thought to do this. And the possibilities here are seriously endless. I've seen a PB&J version, a sushi version, and SO many more. So next time you're craving a wrap, or just want to have some fun in the kitchen, grab a tortilla and try this wrap hack for yourself.


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