We are all in this together trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus. We all have to do our part by staying home, but we obviously still have to go out to the store for some food or other essentials.

When you are out at the store you will notice many people actually wearing face masks and gloves. Although this is a good precaution,  some people are not throwing them out in the trash can. We are sure that you have noticed disposable gloves on the ground in the parking lot. We've noticed it a few times and we know that is not good.

According to NBCPhiladelphia.com, a doctor in the Bensalem area that is supervising a coronavirus testing site said that throwing the disposable gloves on the ground instead of the trash can create a health hazard for everyone. Dr. Rob Danoff also told NBC10, “Leaving them out on the street or sidewalk, someone else has to pick it up. They may pick up the unwanted germs that you are protecting yourself from.”

Let's just make sure that if we are using the disposable gloves to throw them into a trash can and not on the ground or in empty shopping carts. We are all in this together so let's all protect each other from the coronavirus.

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