I have a favor to ask. My friends at Timberlane Middle School in Hopewell, NJ are trying to break a really cool record, but they need everyone's help.

The students and staff at Timberlane are taking the Cereal Domino Challenge. The task is creating the longest consecutive chain of cereal boxes, setting them all up in the hallways of the school and letting them fall like dominos.

Are you getting a picture in your head? This is going to be so cool.

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So far they've collected over 1,500 cereal boxes but they need A LOT more. Would you please donate a few? You can donate, your business can donate, they just need a bunch more.

As you can imagine, this is fabulous school-wide project with many lessons and skills to be learned...working towards a goal, teamwork, connecting with local resources, creative planning and helping others in need.


How is this Cereal Box Challenge helping others in need? ALL of the cereal boxes donated by you and the community will be given to local food banks after the challenge. What a great idea.

Helping is very easy. Drop any full sized cereal boxes off at the main office of Timberlane Middle School in Hopewell or even easier, order them on Amazon and have them shipped directly to the school: Timberlane Middle School, 51 South Timberlane Drive, Pennington, NJ 08534.

Please help them reach their goal of 6,500 cereal boxes. They currently have almost 2,000.

Shoutout to Shelby for getting in touch with me and asking for help to get the word out to the community. Great communication skills.

Good luck Timberlane Middle School. You're doing great work.

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