Trying to date during this COVID-19 pandemic has to be a tough task. Not only do you have to worry about going on a date and hoping this individual is not a complete psychopath, but you also have to worry that they are as good-looking as they are in the picture when they remove that face mask. Now you have to add more to this. You have to make sure that the stranger that you are going on a date with is not COVID-19 positive at the moment.

This sounds extremely complicated and having to go through the whole checklist to make sure you are safe sounds annoying.

Tinder recently made it known that you can do a background check on the person you are planning to meet to make sure you are safe. Now, the dating app is trying to make sure you are staying healthy as well. According to FOX 29, the dating app, Tinder, is giving users "1,000 free COVID-19 tests to 500 Tinder matches." That's a good deal to help stop the spread of this virus. Not only that, but Tinder is also continuing to make sure you can continue to find love.

We learned from FOX 29 that starting Saturday, March 20 Tinder users that are ready to meet with their match can request a COVID-19 test for themselves and their potential future partner.

If you are trying to make a move and trying to meet up with a Tinder date you will have to be quick to claim your code for the COVID-19 test. It was stated on FOX 29 that these COVID-19 test kits are first come first served.

It is crazy how so many Tinder users told FOX 29 that they have not dated since October of 2020. I probably would have not dated since March 13th when former President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency for the country.

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