When creating a dating profile, the objective is usually to highlight your best qualities in order to attracted a potential suitor.

Choosing the perfect picture can be a stressful task as you seek to find the right one where you look your best.

One man was roasted on Reddit after choosing a peculiar image for his Tinder profile — one showing sex toys just hanging out on his sink.

"Found in the wild. Always check your surroundings before taking your picture," someone captioned a screenshot of the photo, via Reddit.

The photo shows the 38-year-old man standing in a bathroom wearing a hoodie while snapping a selfie.

His profile simply reads: "Never married, single, no kids. 6'3."

The picture seems harmless at first... until you look closer and see the plethora of sex toys on his sink.

See for yourself below:


Users had a field day poking fun at the guy for choosing the interesting snap for his profile.

"Maybe they’re strategically placed so 'the ladies know he knows how to perform' lol," one person wrote, while another commented: "He has one made from a mold of each of his former girlfriends."

"That took me a while to see then I looked closer and it got so much worse ... I see three maybe four in this picture wtf," another commented, while someone else added: "At least the ladies will know what he's doing when they say, 'not tonight, I have a headache.'"

Your profile pic on a dating profile is important when it comes to making a first impression. 

A study by DIYPhotography revealed 58 percent of people "would never connect with someone who doesn't have a photo."

When it comes to finding success on Tinder, 38 percent of participants "said the better the photo the more likely they are to connect."


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