The Covid-19 outbreak has brought on hard times for many people and businesses. Restaurants have catered to social distancing standards by moving to take-out only and have had to get creative with ways to help their communities while staying afloat.

In one New Jersey town, the local police force took the initiative to help both families who may be in need of food and businesses who may be suffering from recent regulations passed.

To help both families and businesses, police officers took dinner plans into their own hands. On Thursday, March 26, local police officers pre-paid for 300 pizzas from six Toms River pizzerias, according to

The giveaway, created by the Toms River PBA, Toms River Fraternal Order of Police and Toms River Police Foundation, was announced earlier that week by the Toms River Police. The offering was available to all town residents and each of the participating pizzerias had 50 free pies to gift to families in the area.

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