Tough Mudder, the trendy race and obstacle course that gets you covered in mud while you're competing in it, has launched boot camp classes and there's one coming to Princeton! The owners are extremely excited to bring the Tough Mudder Mission to the area and plan on making it rewarding for all. According to the Princeton Patch, the two owners are looking for a site to hold their boot camp classes and it should be launching this Spring.

You can drop in for a 45 minute class whenever you'd like. Classes will $20 each or they have membership packages from $56 to $160 per month. It's very pricey, but take it from someone who knows about interval training, it totally works. You've gotta keep your body doing different workouts or your body stops seeing results. I know this sounds crazy, but I went through it right before my wedding. When I started working with a trainer and doing interval training, I saw way better results. As soon as I find out where these Tough Mudder classes will be, I will definitely be dropping in.

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