2020 is definitely a strange time to find the love of your life. You can't go to bars or nightclubs to try finding the one for you. When you happen to go to the grocery store you can't see anyone’s face so if you are all about physical appearances it is tough to find a new person to grow with.

A survey was done by a company called Royal that revealed a very shocking number showing that a lot of women actually find men that wear masks to be way "sexier." Never thought I would be reading such a thing, but it is true. According to PRnewswire.com, Royal released the survey information stating that 88% of U.S women said that they find that men are sexier when they wear a mask.

So the question is, why is it that adult women find it sexier when men wear a mask in public? You can't see their faces at all. Are women really going for the eyes or were women really not lying when they say they don't care about physical appearance?

PRnewswire.com also mentioned that it is recommended that people wear a mask during intimate moments with another person. If you didn't think things could get any more interesting in 2020, you were incorrect.

We learned from PRnewswire.com that one in six women have said that they have intimate moments with others while wearing a mask. That has to be extremely strange.

Heads up gentlemen, if adult women find it sexier when men wear masks you should probably make your Tinder or any social media profile picture one where you are wearing your mask.

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