There are so many theories regarding face masks protecting you from the coronavirus. Some people believe that a face mask protects you from the virus while others blow smoke through the mask to prove that it doesn't protect anything. Either way, I still wear it because I want to stay away from the virus at all costs.

As for United Airlines, they will say that the face masks will protect you and keep you COVID-19 free. According to FOX 29, the U.S. Department of Defense conducted a study that shows the exposure of the coronavirus while traveling via airplanes. The study showed that the "risk of such exposure aboard their aircrafts is “almost non-existent.”

United Airlines even took it to Twitter where they shared that when you fly with United Airlines the coronavirus is "non-existing" even if you are on a full flight. It was mentioned on FOX 29 that the non-existing part is only if you are wearing a face covering. If you are not wearing one you are still at risk.

We also learned from FOX 29 that during the study made by the U.S. Department of Defense and United Airlines they used a mannequin and 300 aerosol release tests were done by researchers to clone coughs and breathing. While the study was being conducted the researchers realized that the fast air circulation inside the aircraft filtered out 99.9% of particles within 6 minutes. It was also stated on FOX 29 that "on average only 0.003% of infected air particles could enter their breathing zone."

If you are not afraid of flying during the pandemic you should give it a shot since researchers are saying that you are safe even on a full flight.

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