The pandemic is still going on but it seems like a lot of people are starting to travel again. At least that is what I've noticed on all of my social media platforms. People are not really worried about coming back from vacation and having to quarantine for a little while.

That may change soon and people flying into New Jersey will no longer have to quarantine for 14 days.

According to, United Airlines will conduct its own COVID-19 testing for flights that are going from San Francisco International airport to Hawaii. It was mentioned that the "rapid" COVID-19 testing will begin on October 15. The test is optional but it will prevent you from having to quarantine for 14 days. There is also a mail-in option. With that option, you must mail in your test prior to your flight.

Realistically speaking why not conduct those types of tests at the Newark airport as well. It will give many of the airport employees a better feel that they are not dealing with strangers who they have no idea the people they have been around and if they are infected with the coronavirus.

The spokesman for United, Robert Einhorn, told, "Our primary goal is to expand our testing program to our hub airports as soon as possible.” Just in case you didn't know, Newark Liberty International Airport is actually considered a United Hub airport. With that being said it sounds like some frequent flyers will not have to quarantine for 14 days.

We have to wait and see if that quick COVID-19 testing comes to NJ and changes things up a bit.

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