Make sure you use your gift cards as soon as possible if you have a few cards from stores that are announcing that they are going bankrupt or closing down multiple locations. Especially if it's any of the smaller stores.

According to, if the stores close down and you never used your gift cards, gift certificate, or store credit chances are that you lost all of that money. That is all bad if you ask me.

We also learned from that the Division of Consumer Affairs is really trying to make everyone aware of the situation and wants everyone to take advantage of the gift cards, gift certificate, or store credit while you can, before the stores possibly close for good.

The question that many people are probably asking is, "The store in my area is closed but there's one in a different location, can I still use it?" reported that Consumers Affair stated that, usually, the retail stores will still allow you to use the gift cards at stores that remain open in different locations. With coronavirus forcing so many stores to close it kind of forces all of us that may have gift cards to do a little shopping asap.

The bright side is that we get to go on a quick shopping spree depending on the amount your gift card may be for.

The bad side to this is that sometimes when a company files for bankruptcy gift cards are no longer accepted. stated that it's not a decision made by the company it is all up to the court.

This sounds like a mess. Let's just use the gift cards before any stores close down.

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