To vape, or not to vape?

Vaping. It seems like almost every young person is vaping these days. Where ever you go, you don’t have to look too far to find somebody holding a vape pen (E-cig), blowing out that thick cloud of smoke. And that includes in the car.

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What is Vaping?

"Vaping refers to the use of an electronic device (e-cigarette) to heat liquids that produce a vapour, which is then inhaled," according to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. In this instance, we're talking about nicotine vaping. 

You see people vaping in their car all the time. Heck, you may even be the doing it, and wondered “Can I get pulled over for this?”

The easy guess that most people might come to is that vaping in the car has to be legal, since after all, smoking cigarettes and cigars in your car is legal as long as there are no minors in the car. 

However, when it comes to smoking marijuana while driving, that is always illegal in every state, even if marijuana is legalized in New Jersey.

Is vaping while driving illegal in New Jersey?

As far as vaping while driving goes in New Jersey, it’s kind of a grey area. There is no specific law against vaping while driving, but that doesn’t mean it can’t potentially be dangerous or get you in trouble.

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It could contribute to distracted driving, such as using your hands to refill, or producing smoke so thick that it obstructs the view from your windshield. These are things you could get pulled over for.

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As long as you can operate the vehicle safely, you can have or use your vape pen while driving.

Again, it’s a pretty common behavior, but it helps knowing for certain. Just make sure you’re driving safely!

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