One of our favorite local celebrities was on The Masked Dancer and made into the super six, until his last episode last night. Vinny Guadagnino from MTV's Jersey Shore was just revealed as the Hammerhead Shark on last night's episode. If you didn't watch the episode or the show at all, you can catch up a little by watching the video below.

After last night's performances the audience had to choose who would be unmasked and would be going home. Some of the judges picked up on clues and actually thought the Hammerhead Shark it was Pauly D, or the Situation, but no one guessed Vinny. See when Vinny is unmasked and revealed below.

After the episode Vinny Tweeted appreciation for the support he was given on the show. Who knows, maybe he'll be asked to be on more professional dancing shows.

I love the cast of the Jersey Shore. I also love that they have other business ventures when they're not filming the show. Pauly D still DJ's at clubs and venues, Snooki has a clothing shop, Vinny was dancing at Chippendales, and I think Mike the Situation has been working with a powder protein brand. I think it's great especially since Jersey Shore won't be on tv forever, so they need to find other ways to make money. I don't think anyone thought Jersey Shore would be come back on tv, but then Jersey Shore Family Vacation began and people love it. Who knows who long it will last, so I love that the cast keeps doing things to keep themselves busy and make some money.

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