Vinny Guadagnino aka Keto Guido from Jersey Shore will be joining Chippendales in Las Vegas as a guest host starting this spring. Vinny will host the show Friday-Sunday from April 26 through May 2016, 2019 according to People. Vinny and Crew got connected with Chippendales while shooting Jersey Shore Family Reunion last year and Ronnie was a guest host back in 2011.

Vinny and Pauly also have their own show in the works where they're looking for love called Double Shot at Love. No word yet if Vinny is moving to Vegas but if I had to bet he will just be rooming with his BFF Pauly while working in Vegas.

Not many details have come out about Vinny's hosting responsibilities but judging from past hosts no personal dances only but let's be real it's single Vinny so who knows! Tickets for the shows are available now which you can buy HERE.

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