We are sure all of the huggers out there are missing a nice good hug from friends and family members. Don’t worry, we have some very good news for all of you. According to BrusselsTimes.com, hugging people is a lot safer than actually giving someone a fist bump or an elbow tap.

A Belgian virologist by the name of Marc Van Ranst told The Brussels Times that shaking hands has way more skin to skin contact which "increases the risk of transferring the virus.” Van Ranst also told The Brussels Times, "A handshake remains difficult, hands come into contact with each other and with the environment, which increases the chance of the spread.”

Doesn't it feel disrespectful when you approach someone a lot older than you and you can not shake their hand when you say hello? Well, now that we are hearing that hugging is safer just go in for the hug. Or maybe not because it's a little weird if you don't have a close relationship with the other individual. We learned from The Brussels Times that Van Rast mentioned that a lot of people are actually not missing the proper handshake greeting. People would rather not shake hands with others.

According to NYTimes.com, hugging or physical contact can actually help you with your sympathetic nervous system by calming you and releasing stress. I will keep saying it, hugs are good for the soul.

Now the question is, when will we know when shaking someone else's hand will be okay to do? Will doctors and scientists make a huge announcement saying, "Hey world, you can officially be respectful again and shake someone's hand”?

Just like many people are saying, just be careful and use good judgment to decide whether or not to shake that person’s hand.

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