Everyone has been running around to get their toilet paper and milk, causing massive shortages at grocery and convenience stores all over the country.  Other stores are experiencing the opposite problem.

Social distancing has cut down foot traffic drastically for local business but there are ways to help support these mom-and-pop shops safely during this trying time. Many local restaurants have thoughtfully offered curbside pickup options for their patrons to cater to state restrictions.  Other businesses, like those in retail and local non-profits, have moved completely online making it safe and easy to help out.

Some ways to help out local business owners include getting takeout once or twice a week from a casual spot that might rely on walk-ins normally. According to Planet Princeton, making that donation to a local non-profit or renewing a membership to an organization can also contribute. 

Instead of buying coffee beans at the grocery store, pick a couple of bags up from the local coffee shop in town. To think ahead, buy some gift cards for a restaurant that you can use once the situation has passed.

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