It's probably not much of a surprise at this point, but the daytime TV game shows, 'Let's Make a Deal,' and 'The Price Is Right' both scored some impressive ratings last week.

An estimated 4.29 million viewers tuned in to the show 'Let's Make a Deal' for the week ending March 27, according to Neilsen (via Time). That's the show's largest viewership in the 11 years since it launched with Wayne Brady as the show's host.

Meanwhile, 'The Price Is Right,' had the highest viewership in nearly 5 years as more than 5.62 million watched the Drew Carey hosted program last week, Neilsen says (via Time).

Both shows have suspended production for the foreseeable future. 'The Price Is Right' currently plans to resume taping on May 11, but that is likely to change under California's expanding stay-at-home order. A date for 'Let's Make a Deal' to resume production has not been announced.

It's no surprise that TV viewership is significantly up across all dayparts. The previous week (week ending March 20) saw an increase of 18% in viewership year over year, Time reports.

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