I've seen so many people posting on social media about how they've been making banana bread while quarantining at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

I love banana bread and I spend a week trying to decide whether or not to order a loaf from Johnson's Corner Farm in Medford. Part of me told myself to try to avoid all of the carbs that must be in a loaf of banana bread and another part of me said, "it's got banana in its name, so it's healthy."

Ultimately, Johnson's made the decision for me because they sold out of banana bread a couple of weeks ago and it hasn't been available on their online store since that time.  (Believe me, I've checked.  Every day. Not kidding.)

So the question I have is...have people really been making banana bread or is it just hype?

The website bid-on-equipment.com analyzed Google recipe searches in April in all 50 states and guess what? Not only was banana bread the most-searched recipe in the whole United States, but it was also the most-searched recipe in every individual state.

In addition, bid-on-equipment.com found that New Jersey was only behind New Hampshire when it came to banana bread searches per 100,000. (By the way, bid-on-equipment.com says when it comes to banana bread searches, Pennsylvania ranked #22).

And if you were curious as to what the second most Google searched recipe in New Jersey was behind banana bread, bid-on-equipment.com says it was meatloaf.  Somewhere, Will Farrell is celebrating.


To check out more of the Most Popular Quarantine Recipes in Every State, go to bid-on-equipment.com.

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