Anywhere we go, whether it's either to the grocery store or even the post office, we are required to wear a face mask. Now the question is, what is really going on under those face masks?

We've been thinking a lot about it lately. We want to know, what kind of situations have you been running into while wearing a face mask?

Smiling at someone while wearing a mask is probably one thing that many of us have been doing but no one notices it. That's a huge disappointment because smiles are contagious but while wearing a mask no one can see your beautiful smile. If you are trying to do good things and share your good energy with a smile it'll be tough because others can't see it through the mask.

Another one that should be pointed out is bad breath. Many people have to be extremely grateful that they take good care of their teeth. Imagine having some bad breath and having to be stuck smelling because you have to wear a mask everywhere you go. That's a rough one there.

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Wait, here’s another bad one. You know how sometimes you can let out a burp and it can be a little smelly? We are sure it has happened to many people. They are out doing some shopping and let go of a little burp and it's smelly. You for sure gotta take off that face mask for a few seconds to let it air out if that happens.

What if you make the best out of the face mask situation and you make a game? Try to guess what the person really looks like since you can really only see the eyes when someone is wearing the face mask. Not a bad idea.

When you're out of the store and get in your car just make sure you don't hang your mask on the rearview mirror. You don't want to get a ticket for that since it is illegal in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to have anything hanging from your rearview mirror.


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