Like many states, New Jersey enacted a “stay at home” recommendation to ensure maximum safety for all its residents. There are some exceptions, of course. The obvious being getting out to buy food and necessary supplies. However, outdoor activities are also listed. As the weather gradually gets warmer, the timing of the outbreak can almost be seen as a positive, as people are actually able to comfortably get outside and have some fun.

On Friday, March 20, temperatures were in the 70s, prompting many people to hang out outdoors after getting off work or taking a bike ride close to home. While everyone will be stuck at home for the foreseeable future, there are several tasks that can occupy time outside of the dreaded four walls according to

There’s no reason not to be productive during the coronavirus outbreak, so mow the lawn, get out to power wash that deck that you’ve been putting off and maybe even start a garden.

The shocking warm weather on Friday has certainly got people thinking about firing up the barbeque. Grill the family’s dinner and eat outback. With all the gyms closed, try your work out routine outside.


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