In case you haven't heard, there has been a brown cow on the loose in Upper Township for quite some time now.

It all started back in the summer when a brown cow was spotted in the woods. We can all agree that coming across a cow in the woods is something that doesn't happen every day. Someone actually managed to snap a photo of the big brown girl, and that's when the story of the brown cow out there on its own became the number one story in the township.

Animal control and even the authorities are aware of the cow that's been on the loose, but unfortunately have yet to be able to capture it.

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A woman by the name of Anne Merrill has been doing what she can to ensure the cow's safety. She even named the cow "Mootilda" and has been caring for her, even giving her water and relief from the sun during the warmer months. Merrill's been feeding Mootilda ever since their first encounter.

Unfortunately, Merrill hasn't yet been able to capture the cow so that she can be taken to a rescue in Salem County. That was the plan until she gave an update that reveals her belief that Mootilda is no longer alive. Of course, we all hope that's not the case, but it sounds like Merrill doesn't have much hope.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, Merrill has been seeing people post on social media about harming the cow and now believes that something has happened to her since she hasn't been spotted since mid-December.

If you see "Mootilda," be sure to reach out to Anne Merrill HERE.


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