You can be the coach or management of a team on the team or even the best player on the team but if you are messing up the Philadelphia sports fans will let you know how they feel. On Twitter, we found some hilarious images of "Missing Person” signs. Right under the words, you see two Philadelphia 76ers stars, Tobias Harris and Ben Simons.

From the looks of it on Twitter, the images of Tobia Harris and Ben Simmons have been seen around the City of Brotherly Love, really searching for the "Missing Person." Just in case you are missing the point, both Philadelphia 76ers players had horrendous stats for game 5 of the playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks. The team blew a 26 point lead which ultimately put the Philadephia 76ers down 3 to 2 in the 7 game series of round 2.

On Ben Simmons' "missing person" poster it says: "Identifying characteristics: Can't shoot a free throw. Last seen: Game 3 Round 2. Armed but not dangerous." That is just too funny.

As for Tobias Harris, the creator of the "missing person" poster took it a little easier on the player. “Identifying characteristics: Not an All Star. Last Seen: Game 5 1st quarter."

Other fans on Twitter have said that they have seen some "WANTED" posters that relate to Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiids bad knee.

The Philadelphia 76ers have shown high potential to really "Trust The Process" with the current squad to win the National Basketball Association Championship. However, in the second round of playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks they have looked rough.

Most Popular Cars in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Has it ever happened to you that you buy a car and after you purchased it you start noticing that a lot of people have that same car? Maybe you just got a car that is extremely popular in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania without even knowing it. There is really nothing wrong with that. 

According to Edmunds, in New Jersey the most popular car is the Honda CR-V and in Pennsylvania is the Ford F-series. 

We have a list of the 5 most popular cars in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  

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