Personally sticking to a diet is hard for me because I like to treat myself. Yet, I just realized there's food temptations every month of the year.

I do workout, try and eat healthy when I can, but I know I could do better. I feel like I always have an excuse to keep eating whatever I want throughout the year. Then I realized there are different delicious edible temptations every month to be enticed by.

January - Girl Scout Cookies

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During new year's resolution month the Girl Scouts unleash their tempting treats. Thins Mint are one of my weaknesses.

February - Valentine's Day Candy

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I've become an expert at decoding which candies are which without the chocolate box list. My go-to are the square shaped ones because they are filled with caramel.

March - Saint Patrick's Day

I know it's one day, but sometimes there are fun pub crawls I like to attend, and bar parties...over a couple weekends in March.

April - Easter Candy

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I know Easter can fall either in March or April, but for the next few years it will fall in April. if you're like me, and belong to an Eastern Orthodox Church, Easter sometimes can fall in May. That being noted, Easter candy is always discounted because Eastern Orthodox Easter is usually a week after Western Easter. So I end up buying more candy than I should.

May - Cinco De Mayo

This is similar to my St. Patrick's Day excuse. Sometimes you want to be festive and enjoy some cervezas (beers).

June - National Doughnut/Donut Day (First Friday in June)

Yes, National Doughnut Day happens to be in the month of June, and a few establishments will have offers for free donuts that day. C'mon how is that fair for my "diet." You can also observe National Cheese Day, Chocolate Ice Cream Day, National Vanilla Milkshake Day, and National Ice Cream Cake Day in June as well.

July - The 4th of July

Lots of parties with tasty BBQ, cakes, dips, drinks and desserts.

August -National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

I have a weakness for cookies and other sweets. August is also the month to of National Waffle Day, National Banana Split Day, National S’mores Day, and National Frozen Custard Day. 

September - Labor Day

It's fun to host or go to a BBQ and say goodbye summer with good food and drinks. Also if you're going back to school, the stress of that alone would make me eat comfort food.

October - Halloween

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Halloween parties and candy. Enough said. There have been times I have eaten more candy than I have given out.

November - Thanksgiving

No explanation needed here.

December - The End Of Year Holidays and New Year's Eve

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I do find myself really indulging in the fall especially around the holidays towards the end of the year. It's fun and there are so many festive treats I don't want to miss out on.

Please note I created this list with humor in mind and a light heart. Of course, moderation is key with everything in life. 

In the end, enjoy every month how you want. Happy and healthy.