What seems to have become a trend lately in different places across the country is takeout cocktails. Let's be real, that's a pretty cool thing especially if you are down the shore.

Speaking of being down the shore and takeout alcohol drinks, WildwoodVideoArchive.com recently reported that Wildwood is the new spot that recently got approved to begin the whole takeout alcohol beverage service. This allows bars and restaurants in Wildwood to bring in some money to their businesses during what looks like it will be a “different” summer season than normal.

According to Wildwood Video Archive, an agreement has been made in Wildwood and different establishments are trying to come up with ideas to open the doors to some bars while still continuing to practice social distancing.

Check this out, this is an interesting one that is happening in North Wildwood. Wildwood Video Archive stated that some streets will be closed in the areas where bars are located. The bars will be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages through a window in their establishment.

This whole takeout for alcoholic beverages isn't going to be there forever, so don't get too excited that it's the new thing for good. We learned from Wildwood Video Archive that this will only be allowed up to six months after the state of emergency is all done and over with.

That's not bad, at least we don't think so. What if it actually becomes a thing and some cities allow the takeout cocktails to stay in place once this is all said and done. That wouldn't be a bad idea. It would give different bars and restaurants the chance to make more money.

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