I've been keeping busy while staying at home during this pandemic. I get done with the morning show, leave the radio station and stay home. Yes, I go for walks and the occasional  Target drive up, but other than that, I haven't gone anywhere. I've taken advantage of this time at home and spent more time with my son, tackle some house projects and even learned some bartending skills from my husband. So, we've been drinking a little more than we usually do, and I heard that drinking a lot actually lowers your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to sickness. So I've tried to cut back on the drinking a little bit, but I just found out that scientists may be working on some cocktails that will actually help treat coronavirus.

According to the Huffington Post, scientists are experimenting with what they call "antibody cocktails." We've been hearing a lot about antibodies, which are what fights off infections and there have been studies being done on people who have recovered from coronavirus to see what will work to fight off this virus. A pharmaceutical company is working hard on these cocktails along with a drug company and the cocktail would basically make you immune to coronavirus and you wouldn't catch it for up to two months.

This sounds extremely interesting and researchers are excited that besides a vaccine, there might be another way to prevent people from being infected by coronavirus. You can read more about this research at HuffingtonPost.com.


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