The Winter on Broad Street light show is now open to the public. Black Friday was the opening day for the Holiday Light Spectacular so I decided to pay it a visit. After being over food coma for two days, it sounded like a good idea to head over to Winter On Broad Street on Saturday night. I thought I'd give it a review for you.

The light display is very family-friendly. It has a good amount of stuff for children to enjoy. Your IG game will definitely look good with some of the lights and props you can use at Winter on Broad Street. The best part is that they do have spiked chocolate. You can't walk around with it but you can sit with friends and enjoy it in designated areas. Lastly, they have some vendors with some pretty cool stuff.

Overall, my rating for Winter on Broad Street is a 5.4 out of 10. The setup is pretty small and for a limited amount of stuff that you can do it is a little overpriced. Tickets cost $32.50 for adults and $27.50 for children on weekends. They offer a special price on certain days.

Winter On Broad Street

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