A woman knew she was going to stir up family drama when she adopted a rescue dog with the same name as her husband's mom, knowing it would likely upset her.

A friend of the woman took to Reddit explaining her co-worker — and bestie — had wanted a dog for as long as she has known her, which is about four years.

"She wanted to rescue rather than going to a breeder," the woman wrote via Reddit. "She has a really big heart but a somewhat weird sense of humor, in my opinion. (Funny but sometimes it's questionable)."

One day the friend texted the woman, detailing the adoption. "I've really done it this time. I've ended up with a sweet four-year-old crossbreed called Tracey," the text allegedly read. "My mother-in-law is also called Tracey. I don't think she is going to like it."

The text continuedv "My Tracey is beyond adorable so I'm sure she will learn to love her too but I'm here for the drama if she doesn't."

The weekend passed, and as soon as the co-worker got to the office, she asked her how the mother-in-law reacted to the new pup.

fatty corgi via Unsplash
fatty corgi via Unsplash

"When she came into work on Monday morning, I obviously had to ask her how her mother-in-law reacted to Tracey the dog," she wrote, noting the mother-in-law was not a happy camper.

"She said she was really angry and her husband wasn't all that pleased but isn't too bothered about it," she explained. "Her mother-in-law wants her to change the dog's name but she doesn't want to because she has had that name for four years."

"She did say she would call her something similar to Tracey like a nickname ... Tray Tray or something, as nobody calls her mother-in-law Tray Tray," she added.

Throughout the day, the woman noted her friend kept "laughing" about it and the two were enjoying the "drama" of it all.

"She has shown me pictures of Tracey the dog and she is adorable," she wrote. "I can see why she couldn't turn her away."

Users had mixed reactions to the story. Some argued that it's normal for people to have the same name as animals, while others argued that the woman should change the dog's name.

"A friend just lost his Miss Molly (doggo). She was 6 years old, a sweet, lovely girl. A different friend bought his granddaughter around while Miss Molly was still here, and I was introducing his granddaughter as Molly the human. It happens," one person wrote.

"Maybe I have the same sense of humor as colleague cause I totally get her point of view. She has been wanting a dog for four years, she ended up rescuing a dog called Tracey (huge congratulations to her on adoption) and it’s funny cause the MIL is also called Tracey. It’s a funny accident," another wrote.

"She could change the dog's name to Gracie and the dog would absolutely answer to it. But any dog quickly adjusts to an entirely-new name (especially if there are treats involved)," another person wrote, while someone else commented: "A lot of trainers actually recommend changing adult adoptees names. You don't know how the name was used previously, or whether it was 'poisoned' for the purpose that you want to use it."

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