New golden dating rule? Or poor excuse to get out of a second date?

Instagram page @insta.single shared a viral tweet from Twitter user @jackie_of_arc of a nonsensical text she received after meeting up with someone informing her they would no longer like to pursue another date.

"Hey, last night was fun but after watching you eat the rolls as soon as they came to the table I don't think I want to continue this," the person texted her, before explaining the rule that "everyone" supposedly knows. (Editor's note: Literally no one knows this rule, it's made-up and completely silly.)

The person then declared: "You wait five minutes before reaching for the free bread."

Many followers flocked to social media to disagree with the outrageous rule.

"This is not a rule. Who wants cold bread? #notme," one user wrote, while another commented: "I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t reach for the bread immediately."

Another person tried to rationalize the ridiculous text, suggesting, "This has be something weird his parents tricked him into believing when he was a kid."

But nearly everyone else just disagreed with the message.

"Dude. Within 5 mins my table is usually asking for MORE free bread lmaooooooo," a user wrote, while another scoffed: "Anyone who waits 5 min to eat the bread is failing miserably at life."

We're pretty sure this rule doesn't exist. Have you heard of it?

Bizarrely, bread appears to be a deal breaker when it comes to relationships. Another woman shared via Twitter she was dumped after eating six slices of bread during a date.

"I remember one time I went to this guy's house and 6 slices of bread," user @brandybride_ wrote, according to GHGossip. "That was the last time he ever called me."

Does a person's eating habits actually matter when dating? We side with the dumped woman — and can confirm bread will rarely if ever let you down like a bad date!

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