There's a rumor floating around that Meatheadz on Brunswick Pike in Lawrence, a local hot spot for cheesesteaks, wings, and so much more, is moving to a new location not too far away.

If this rumor turns out to be true, the popular restaurant's new home will be the Lawrence Shopping Center. Phew...I'm so glad it's not going far....if the rumor is true.

The Lawrence Shopping Center is bustling again after a recent renovation and the addition of Lidl (a discount grocery store), a drive thru Starbucks, Five Below, Auto Zone, The Kink Centre, Dollar Tree, National Pools & Spas, Plato's Closet consignment shop, Cafe Du Pain Bakery, City Electric Supply, Heavenly Hounds dog training, Bury the Hatchet ax throwing, Princeton eBikes, and more. Ollie's, Maximus Polish restaurant are opening soon, and LA Fitness is supposed to be coming as well.

So, where would Meatheadz go?  Hmmm. I'm thinking it would be great where the old Simply Radishing was, in the stand alone building near Burlington Coat Factory. Island Bar & Grill was in that same building also, but, closed back in the fall.

I hope wherever they go, if the rumor is true, they'll have an outside area to eat. I love eating there, whenever we go. It's part of the charm of Meatheadz. You just can't wait to dig in. Save yourself the drive to Philly, the best cheesesteaks are right here in Jersey, trust me, and made fresh everyday.

The owners, Jeff & Joe, are the greatest....their whole family is wonderful. They'll make sure you have a great experience.

I'm going to do some snooping around and see what I can find out.

I'll keep you posted.

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