A woman was kicked off of a Spirit Airlines flight after refusing to turn off her cell phone.

Turning off her cell phone was not the only reason why she was asked to deplane.

The woman got into heated arguments with other passengers and was cursing throughout the cabin.

She even threatened to start a fight with another passenger.

You won't even believe what happened next ...

Before exiting the plane, the woman got up in the middle of the aisle and started twerking and flashing fellow passengers.

Yes ... you read that right TWERKING.

Why in the world would that trigger her to twerk, I have no idea. However, it is quite entertaining. Haha.

And yes, of course the whole thing was caught on video, you gotta love this new age of technology.

When the woman was finally exiting the plane, passengers cheered.

Not gonna lie ... I would too!

The incident took place on a flight from Orlando International Airport headed for Newark Liberty International Airport a few weeks ago.

My guess is that she was probably intoxicated, which is why she was acting the way she did. But we don't really know for sure.

Source: NJ.com


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