President Trump is expecting the NFL to start their season on time. Would you go to a game? Some 72% of Americans polled by Seton Hall University's Stillman School of Business said they would not attend sporting events if they resumed without a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Granted, there was a small sample size of only 762 respondents but just the same, why would you want to expose yourself and your family for a game? You could probably just see the game on your big screen TV with your food, bathroom, red zone and of course smartphone with your betting app right there and no traffic aggravation. I haven't even brought up the money you'll save on tickets.

The NFL is not only planning to start on time, but with full stadiums. Good luck with that. The Seton Hall poll says, "12% of all respondents say they would go to games if social distancing could be maintained." Exactly how would they do that? Imagine how long it would take fans to get in and out of the stadium maintaining social distancing. Why would I want to go to a game with my friends and sit six to with seats away from them?

Forget tailgating. The whole game experience would be ruined. It already cannot compete with home experience. I feel bad for the people who paid thousands for season tickets and personal seat licenses only to be stuck with trying to unload them. Many were already doing that before the coronavirus even hit.

Only 13% of those polled would go to the game the way they used to. Things are never going to be like they used to. Medical experts say it could take 12-18 months before we see a coronavirus vaccine, but others working on one say trials could begin as early as next month. Either way it looks like sports does resume, their play is going to be playing in front of less fans in attendance or no fans at all. Will it matter?

I don't think so. It may not look as good on television but as far as the players are concerned, it won't matter. It may even make the game go faster since players may not feel the need to showboat by pointing out first downs or doing end zone dances. One could only hope.

Either way, sporting events as we experience it will be changing thanks to the coronavirus.

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