We all know that the rivalry between the state of New Jersey and Pennsylvania will never end. It is always about who drives better and residents of each state will always find a way to bash on the other.

Now that we know that the rivalry will never end, which state has a better taste when it comes to ice cream?

The Daily Meal recently released a list entitled 'The Most Popular Ice Cream Truck Treat in Every State' and guess what, Pennsylvania and New Jersey did not agree on the same ice cream truck treat.

Pennsylvania residents believe that Klondike Bars are the best.

Credit: Walmart

New Jersey residents say they love Chipwich.

Credit: TheOriginalChipwich.com

Oh, man!

This is a great battle because both ice cream treats are so good. If I had to pick I would say that the Garden State has a better pick of "Most Popular Ice Cream Truck Treat."

That Chipwich just can not be beaten.

We learned from The Daily Meal the to get this list of "The Most Popular Ice Cream Truck Treat in Every State' they used "Google trends over the last 12 months" and completed the survey.

If you are a big fan of the classic Snoopy Bar or the Pink Panther Bar you are going to be very disappointed because Seaside Vacations made it known that they did not make the research list because it "had no search interest at all." Ouch!

One of the most popular ice cream truck treats was the classic firecracker ice pop.

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