Can you justify paying $12 for a pint of ice cream? As someone who’s been screaming for ice cream since they were a kid and currently has three different flavors in their freezer, I still can’t find the justification. Especially when it tastes like a bagel.

Don’t get me wrong, I love bagels but I also love spaghetti; doesn’t mean it should be turned into a sweet frozen treat. But it’s 2021 and things aren’t plain or vanilla anymore.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, based out of Columbus, OH, just unveiled their newest flavor: Everything Bagel Ice Cream. Now I admit turning a bagel into ice cream is not a bad idea — French toast bagel, blueberry bagel, even just a plain bagel with cream cheese... I can see that. However, that’s not the case here. Just as the name states you’ll find everything in this ice cream. The base is a sweet cream cheese ice cream with sesame seeds, poppyseeds, and yes… even onions and garlic. Bits of streusel are also added to even the flavor out.


“Acceptable to enjoy any time of the day” is what the ice cream shop says. So if curiosity got the best of you or you think this sounds delicious, The Everything Bagel Ice Cream is available now in stores and online with nationwide shipping. For those who like to eat lox or put turkey on their bagel to make it a sandwich - sorry - deli meat and salmon not included.

Everything Bagel Ice Cream is part of Jeni’s new collection: Ice Cream for Breakfast. I fully support this notion. It consists of 5 flavors total including Coffee with Cream & Sugar and Wildberry Lavender. The whole collection can be purchased together for $58.

Jeni’s doesn’t have any scoop shops in Michigan but the brands ice cream is available in various stores such as Target and Meijer. You can find where to buy Jeni’s ice cream near you using this locator.

Even though I’m a little put off this new flavor, I’d still take a spoonful and give it a try. Would you?

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