Due to the coronavirus pandemic, you are now required to wear masks in every store in New Jersey. People are even wearing them when they go on walks to protect themselves from getting the virus. I remember when I thought people wearing masks were ridiculous, but now they are required and it makes me feel safer. Masks used to be extremely hard to find, but now so many companies are making them and they're becoming a fashion statement.

NJ.com reported earlier this week, that the sports apparel website Fanatics.com was selling masks with NFL logos on it. they also reported there were a bunch of other sites selling masks as well for other organizations and they are all reasonably priced. Check out the NFL masks from fanatics.com below.

Credit: Fanatics.com
Credit: Fanatics.com

You can get a mask with any NFL team's logo on it from Fanatics.com, not just the Eagles, check them all out here.

The NBA Store has every NBA team's logos, and you get those by clicking here.

Credit: NBA Store

For those who don't want to wear a mask, but just a face scarf covering, there's FOCO.com. They've got ones for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA teams, click here for those.

Credit: FOCO.com


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