There are so many things I am looking forward to once the state reopens and our lives go back to normal. I go to church every week and I look forward to seeing my Pastor as well as all the members of my parish community. I am a very active member at my parish and I even run our Facebook page and keep our parishioners updated on events and post inspirational material. I have been missing going to church every week, but I am very happy that my Pastor posts a weekly video of him performing mass. He even adds music and pictures, (I keep telling him how proud I am of him for his editing skills), so it's the closest thing we get to actually being in church each week. The rest of our parishioners always send me messages through our Facebook page asking about receiving Holy Eucharist and if any services were going to be offered to get it. However, as the spread of coronavirus grew, Bishops all over put a stop to receiving the Holy Eucharist. I am happy to finally tell them, that this week, they'll get to receive it.

According to The Patch, dioceses around New Jersey, including the Diocese of Trenton and Metuchen agree with Governor Murphy's decision to allow parishes to hold religious services, however, worshippers must be in their cars. At my parish, there will be communion given out while people drive through the parking lot. My pastor Father Charlie even drew a map which I posted on our Facebook page. Governor Murphy still wants Pastors and Parishes to continue to use a live stream option, but said that if masses can be conducted safely while using social distancing, they are allowed. Parishioners are also asked to stay home if they feel sick in any way. I know people at my parish are super excited about this news and I know my pastor will take the best precautions he can to keep us all safe.

For more info on the rules and regulations on the return on catholic masses and religious services, click here.


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