With a lot of restaurants being shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are starting to miss their favorite dine in spot more than ever. As the weeks go by you start to get nostalgic for your favorite margarita from Bahama Breeze, or the loaded nachos at Bar Louie in Bensalem. There is something that we all miss that we can't have at this very moment. There are a lot of people who miss traveling so much that they are getting airplane food delivered to their house.

Yes, you heard that right. There is a company that is delivering the food you are offered on flights to people's homes. The company is called Imperfect Foods, and they have started selling the cheese and snack trays that are given out on Jetblue airline flights. According to NYPost, for $2.99 you can get three ounces of mixed cheeses, crackers, and dried cherries. And in case you were wondering, no a flight attendant and a Bloody Mary are not included sadly.

“This was one of our first COVID-19 food waste recovery opportunities,” Philip Behn, CEO of Imperfect Foods. “We could only take a fraction of what they had.”

According to NY Post, the company has already sold over 40,000 cheese and snack trays. Their services are so popular, they are even thinking about adding to their menu. If that is the case, I would like to put in a request for the Jetblue pretzels and biscoff cookies.

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