Remember the days when we used to stroll around Quaker Bridge Mall, and shop in all the stores? I know those days were only about a month or so ago, but it feels like forever. I'm sure you agree with me that one of the best things about walking around the mall is walking past the food court and smelling every restaurant. You may also agree with me that the best smell in the mall is Auntie Anne's. Those pretzels smell amazing and they are always giving out free samples and they taste as good as they smell. I always make sure I get a cinnamon sugar big pretzel or those little pretzel nuggets, they are delicious. I know that everyone is missing the malls and even the restaurants in them, so it's pretty cool that you can now get a taste of it at home. reports that Auntie Anne's is selling pretzel kits that you and your family can make at home. They sold them back in April when it was National Pretzel Day and they were so popular, they brought them back. For twenty dollars, these kits get delivered to your home, so there's not need to go out and get them. They come with enough dough to make ten regular size pretzels, salt or their famous cinnamon sugar topping.

To get these delicious and fun kits, visit Auntie Anne's website.


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