I grew up in Central Jersey, (yes, it does exist) and the nearest IKEA store was in Elizabeth by the Newark Airport. So, I don't ever remember going there and if I did, it was when I was very young. Chris & Dave from Chris & the Crew always talk about IKEA  and unfortunately, I can't relate, but they've told me everything I need to know, especially about their meatballs. If you've shopped at an IKEA store, then you know all about their famous Swedish meatballs.

According to Yahoo and IKEA UK's Twitter, the famous Swedish meatball recipe has been released so you can make these delicious meatballs while you're staying safe at home.

I have been looking for a Swedish meatball recipe and I feel like I have to make this one cuz it's so famous. You can see the step by step instructions on how to make these famous Swedish meatballs here.


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