Mercer County along with their park commission has just launched a new program that should have residents very excited. A bike sharing program is a fantastic way to get Mercer County residents out of their houses and get them to explore some of the beautiful parks in our area.

The Patch reports, there are bikes available to rent at three parks in Mercer County. You can rent them at Red Barn in Mercer Meadows in Lawrenceville, Mercer County Park in West Windsor and Rosedale Park in Pennington.

Bikes will be available to rent starting at $1 and then 18 cents per minute. You will pay using the VerveS app. You take your ride and return them where you got them, it's that simple. You can even join a guided tour if you'd like.

You can get more details in this article from The Patch, or the Mercer County Park Commission.

I absolutely love this program that Mercer County has launched. As a bike rider, it's a hassle to transport a bike to a trail or a park. You either have to have a pick up truck or a bike rack that attaches on the back. I think it is way easier to rent a bike and than transport one.

All three parks that are participating in Mercer County have a lot of room to ride bikes and also have nice views. I feel like that's important when it comes to exercising outside. You have to have good scenery or it can get very boring.

The park that is closest to me is Mercer County Park and I think I'll be looking to rent a bike and ride around there. I think a lot of people will take advantage of this new program this summer especially with more and more people getting vaccinated and being tired of being cooped up.

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