I recently came across some New Jersey laws that are quite absurd, and I have a feeling that most NJ residents don't even know about them. Like: Did you know you can't legally eat pickles in Trenton on a Sunday?

So here are some very strange New Jersey Laws:

| Pickles are not to be consumed on Sunday's in Trenton |  

Not only that, but it is also against the law in Trenton to throw a bad pickle in the street. What else are you supposed to do with them?

Important side note: our girl Snooki needs to stay far away from Trenton.

*Snooki after she ate a pickle last Sunday*

| It is illegal to slurp your soup in New Jersey | 

cropped noods

So many repeat offenders in our office. Should I call the police? This should absolutely be illegal, and more people need to know about the law.

| It is illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a murder | 

According to  2C:39-13, you aren't able to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a murder, bummer. So on top of being charged with murder in New Jersey, you may get another charge if you are wearing a bulletproof vest.

| It is illegal to pass a cyclist, skater, or skateboarder in your motor vehicle without honking | 

I'll try to hold my sarcasm back for this one since I ultimately agree this is a safe practice; though it probably is irritating for the skater or cyclist to get so many honks. This is a law that most people don't follow.

According to the New Jersey State Legislature, it is also illegal to delay a homing pigeon, and knit during fishing season. It's obvious these New Jersey laws are extremely outdated and ridiculous.

Most of these laws are certainly not enforced today, so maybe it's time they are updated?

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